Course Title: Masonry and Bricklaying

Course Duration:  Four weeks (20 days)

Course Participants:  Artisans and Craftsmen

Course Description

This course is designed for artisans, technicians and individuals interested in masonry. The course will equip participants with necessary skills and craftsmanship of a mason in carrying out brick masonry. Participants will also be equipped with basic masonry materials, tools, techniques, and safety pre- cautions; explanation on how to mix mortar by hand and lay masonry units; and describe the skills, attitudes, and abilities of successful masons.

Course Objective Content

  • Introduction to basic masonry practice, building materials, measurement and unit
  • Health Safety and environment
  • Preparation for masonry work
  • Erection of masonry work
  • Rendering and finishing
  • Maintenance of masonry structures
  • Communication system in work environment
  • Team work in construction management

Learning Outcome

At the end of the course participants will able to undertake masonry activities ensuring safety and best practice.

Target Group: 

Secondary School Certificate (SSCE).

Artisans and craftsmen who are looking for a proper certified course in masonry and bricklaying

Interested candidates who desiring a career in masonry and bricklaying